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Let Chapter One be your community bookstore, a cozy, chatty, comfortable spot plugged in to the heartbeat of Ketchum.

Walk into Chapter One Bookstore and you will find Charlie Brandt-renowned author and book lover-sitting in his big leather chair sharing stories and swapping titles with customers. That’s the order of the day at Chapter One. Since1970, we have been Ketchum’s go-to place for all things books.

We’re proud of the 40 years we’ve been in business. We love residing in the historic home of the once great Dick Alf’s Fly Shop-a longtime Ketchum hangout where Ernest Hemingway picked up hand-tied flies for his river  trips. Word is, the place once swarmed with women, as well, hoping to pick up Ernest, or at least rub shoulders with that dashing literary giant.

These days, at Chapter One, giants still roam among us. David McCullough, Maria Shriver, Karen Armstrong,  Robert Kennedy Jr., Carol Glenn and Jamie Lee Curtis-all have given book readings here.

At High Altitude Fitness, books are discussed during hard Ketchum workouts, keeping Chapter One apprised of the good new books that people from all over the country and locally are reading.

We treasure avid book talk, and carry books to suit all tastes. Downstairs, you’ll find best sellers, fiction and  nonfiction, gardening, cooking, recommended staff reads, local authors, hiking and regional books, fishing, and of course, the titles of Ernest Hemingway. Upstairs, we keep children and young adult titles, classics, science fiction, spirituality, and a great selection of gently used books.

With comfortable chairs to relax in, both upstairs and down, you can work the New York Times crossword puzzle, research your next reading obsession, delve into that long-awaited third installment of your favorite trilogy, or open up a breezy beach read.

We love books of every stripe. We host countless book clubs and employ the greatest people. Staff member Chantal Westerman has been seen bringing customers to tears, reading lines of her favorite poetry. Chantal’s  service dog,

Gracie, applies her own tender Golden Retriever touch. Charlie Brandt happily signs copies of his hair-raising Mafia tale, I Heard You Paint Houses. And as for our joyful store owner, Cheryl Welch, she simply stopped in at Chapter One in 1976 to ask for a part-time summer job, and has never looked back.

Bookstores build  community. We love our community so much, we helped found the Sun Valley Wellness  Festival, now in its 18th year. Every Memorial Day weekend, happiness, health and peace grow strong together  in our little valley. Chapter One is now the official site for the Sun Valley Wellness Institute. We also champion local nonprofits, such as the Hunger Coalition, the Advocates, and the Animal  Shelter. We always have  information on how you, too, can get involved.

In our forty-plus years here in Ketchum, one highlight stands out: giving out 10,000 tickets for the Dalai Lama’s unforgettable 2005 visit. His spirit of generosity resides in all of the things that we love best: books, babies, dogs   and a vibrant, connected community.

Can’t you hear their heartbeats? We do.